"Would you like your rings engraved?"

21st January 2021

"Would you like your rings engraved?"So, you’ve chosen your perfect rings - you’ve thought about the metal, the design, the width, whether you want the rings to work as a pair, and the all-important question around bling: none…

Engraving Sample

What carat metal should my wedding ring be?

5th November 2020

One of the most important choices you'll make about your wedding ring will be the material used to make it. Each metal has different properties and benefits, so it’s worth taking a moment to consider the options.The traditional…

Wedding Ring Metals

The History of Wedding Rings

13th October 2020

At Smooch, we’re proud to be part of a tradition that dates back thousands of years, and we thought you’d find it interesting to learn about the historical narrative you enter into when choosing your rings. It’s difficult t…

History of wedding rings

Adventure Weddings and Elopements - The future? (For a bit at least)

8th October 2020

To hear of a couple eloping brings about visuals of young romantic love; secretive and taboo, hidden from family and friends. Now in 2020, with government guidelines being more favourable to a funeral than a wedding, the idea of t…

Adventure weddings

2021 Wedding Trends

25th September 2020

2021 trendsWhile there is no doubt that recent months have thrown up all kinds of tough challenges for everyone with weddings in the pipeline, the pandemic has also thrown up some exciting opportunities too. Here at Smooch, we’v…

Wedding Trends 2021

Metal options for your wedding ring - Gold

8th September 2020

GOLDGold has always been a standard for engagement and wedding jewellery, thanks to its naturally warm, yellow hue and beautiful luster. Gold engagement rings are romantic and timeless.APPEARANCEThe alloy that’s mixed with gold…

Gold wedding rings

Metal options for your wedding ring - Platinum

3rd September 2020

Gold and platinum aren’t your only metal options when buying wedding rings! Explore the wide world of jewellery metals — from traditional to ultra-modern. Each week we're going to talk about a different metal to consider when…

Platinum wishbone wedding ring

"So I had an idea of how about I have a ring shaped around it"

28th August 2020

Our Smooch team caught up with one of our marvelous sales advisers, Paula Haynes, to discuss how she went about finding the perfectly fitted wedding ring to find alongside her engagement ring. It's one of the most common problems…

Autumn wedding rings

Can I buy a different carat metal to my Engagement Ring?

21st August 2020

Many brides-to-be are told that they should not wear two different metals together as the harder metal will, in time, wear away the softer metal. So, the starting point is to explain that all precious metal wedding rings are made…

Different metals used in wedding and engagement ring

Personalise your Wedding Rings with Engraving

12th August 2020

Engraving your wedding ring will make your ring that extra bit more personal and meaningful. Smooch Rings always encourage their customers to be creative and let their imagination run wild when it comes to choosing their special e…

Wedding ring engraving