Caring for your rings

Simple tips for stunning rings

My rings seem to scratch very easily - should this happen?

Smooch rings really don’t need a lot of care and attention: they’re all made from the highest quality Gold, Platinum or Palladium, and these metals like to take care of themselves. Please do note that all metals do scratch, as soon as they come into contact with any hard surface.

People often notice scratches on their brand new rings and believe this to be a fault in the metal or manufacture of the ring.  We know that customers are unhappy with this– which we do understand, but unfortunately all metals from Titanium to 9ct Gold, Palladium, and Platinum will scratch. Please remember all UK precious metal Jewellery must be hallmarked by law, which is your guarantee that the metal you have chosen, has been tested (by an independent body, the Assay Office) and guaranteed to be the metal you have paid for. 

Why does it happen so easily?

As we have said above, as soon as metal comes into contact with ANY hard surface, scratches will appear, not after 3 months but as soon as it is pressed against any hard surface.

Keys, door handles, desks. and even abrasive surfaces like sand can cause this to happen. Working in an Office is no reason to expect that this will not happen, as customers may think that only manual jobs will cause the scratching.

Rhodium plating

Rhodium plating is put on all white gold rings to give the ring an overall white finish. This starts to wear off as soon as the ring is worn, showing the natural colour of 9 or 18ct white gold underneath.

What should I do?

Wait...... all the scratches will blend together and give a very natural overal finish. When this has happened, we very rarely hear from our customers, as they are generally very happy with the finish. We are happy to re-polish and plate your ring, but this is rarely necessary, as we are sure you will LOVE your rings, just give them time to obtain this overall finish.

Here are our tips:

Situations where you should remove your rings

When you’re doing gardening, cooking or DIY, it’s a good idea to take off your rings and place them somewhere safe. And if you’re going to a beach resort for your honeymoon, consider leaving the rings in the hotel room safe before you start sunbathing: sand is very abrasive. The chemicals in swimming pools (especially chlorine) can also cause damage (as well as discolouration) to your rings. Chemical-based cleaning products can damage your rings too, so it’s best to either remove your rings beforehand or get someone else to do the cleaning!

Keeping your rings clean

Firstly, remember that Smooch will clean and polish your rings, so be sure to take advantage of this service whenever you want – just contact us. If you don’t want to let the rings out of your sight, you can clean them yourself by putting them into a bowl with some warm water, a small amount of washing-up liquid and a few drops of household ammonia. After a few minutes, gently brush the rings using a soft brush (like a toothbrush). NEVER use abrasive cleaning products or pads!

Insuring your rings

Sentimentally, your rings are irreplaceable. However, it’s important to have insurance to avoid a double whammy of distress if they were to go missing or get stolen. Most insurance companies will include your rings under your homeowner’s insurance, although you can always insure them separately if you wish. Smooch will give you an official Insurance Valuation for £30, on request - just contact us.  

Information about different types of metal

If you check out our page on the different types of metal, you’ll find information that’s specific to all the different types of metal Smooch offers.