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If you want to make an appointment, please visit the Request Callback page.

Here are the ways to contact us with questions, concerns, suggestions or (yes please!) praise:

We love email

Emails are a great way to get in touch in the first instance: it means we have an understanding of your question or issue and can gather together any relevant information before getting back to you.

Sometimes it makes more sense to get back to you on the phone rather than by email. We’ll ask you when’s appropriate before giving you a call.

Email us at:

Facebook’s awesome too

We have a thriving Facebook community and we’d love for you to be part of it! If you have any questions or comments that aren’t too personal, our Facebook people will take care of you.

Our Facebook page can be found at:

We do it all by email, but we wont keep you waiting!

Don’t get us wrong – we love to receive letters when they aren’t bills. The problem is that they’re a bit less convenient for you: you’ll have to wait some time before you receive a response from us. If you’d rather send us a letter though, please feel free; we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Our address is:

Smooch Rings
PO Box 372

No carrier pigeons, please

Our office has cats.