Go crazy with customising

  • Want It Wider? No Problem
  • How About Diamonds? We Can Add Them!
  • Prefer Yellow Gold Or Platinum? Easy!
  • Would You Like An Engraving? Go For It!

When you’re going to buy something that lasts a lifetime, would you really be happy making do with an off-the-shelf product that’s been created with no one in particular in mind? We wouldn’t! So we give our customers the option to customise their rings.

Seen a ring in the Smooch range you like, but would prefer it in white gold? Want a few more diamonds? Engraving? A wider band, perhaps? We can do it all!

You can see the customisation options for every ring featured on this site by clicking on the images in the ring gallery.

Even if you buy a ring exactly as-is, it’ll still be made from scratch just for you.

Item Customisations Available
Ring depth We usually make the rings 1.5mm but can be made deeper if requested
Ring width Make the band wider or narrower to suit the daintiness/manliness of your fingers usually 3mm-7mm
Diamonds Add diamonds (many shapes and sizes) to the inside or outside of the ring
Metal colour / type Most designs can be made in white gold, yellow gold, platinum or palladium
Engraving Add a date or message to the inside or outside of the ring
Custom shape Have the ring shaped to fit precisely around your engagement ring
Matt / polished Choose whether your ring has a matt or polished finish

Quick FAQs

Q. Does it cost more to customise my ring?

No - there’s no extra work involved in customising your ring because we make them all from scratch anyway, so there’s no need to charge you more.

There will only be extra costs if you want your ring to have elements that are more expensive than the original one in our jewellery range. For example, if you want the ring to have extra diamonds or be made in platinum, this will cost more, or if you would like a shaped ring to fit perfectly.

If, however, you want your ring to be (for example) narrower than the one in the range, we will decrease the price accordingly. Your Smooch Adviser will be able to give you a full breakdown of the costs.

Q. If it’s possible to customise many of the rings in your range, what’s the point in showing me the range at all?

Good question. Many of our customers (especially the men!) don’t really know what sort of wedding ring they want at all. Our extensive range of rings helps you to narrow down the style you’re interested in; you can then tweak that style to your liking.

Please also note that some styles in our range can’t be customised to the extent that others can. For example, an eternity-style ring with many diamonds can’t have a wider or narrower width, because the diamond setting requires a specific width (and weight) of metal.

Your Smooch Adviser will be able to give you more information on all of this.

Q. How will I know if the customisations I ask for will actually look any good?

Our Smooch Advisers have wise, knowing eyes! They know what works and what doesn’t, and can give guidance (if you want it) on whether your preferences will work well or not, in their opinion. Please note however, that although we do our very best to create a ring to your exact specification, due to the nature of bespoke manufacture, this may not always be posssible. We may suggest ways of making your design in a slightly different way, if we feel that would work better.

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