Can I buy a different carat metal to my Engagement Ring?

21 August 2020

Categories: METALS

Different metals used in wedding and engagement ring

Many brides-to-be are told that they should not wear two different metals together as the harder metal will, in time, wear away the softer metal. So, the starting point is to explain that all precious metal wedding rings are made of a combination of both precious metals and non-precious metals. In the Jewellery trade, a non-precious metal is known as an alloy. 9ct gold is in fact only 37.5% gold and the remaining 62.5% is made up of other alloys. 18ct gold is 75% gold and the other 25% is made up of other alloys. Platinum is 95% platinum and 5% other alloys. The alloys are there to make the rings more affordable, to change the colour, and to increase the strength. In fact, as gold that is mined is yellow, the only way to obtain white gold is to mix it with white alloys such as silver, zinc, and palladium. 

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Even though it would seem that a harder metal would wear a softer metal away when two rings are worn next to each other, in fact, it is so minuscule that I would say that in 45 years in the Jewellery trade, our experience would indicate that it doesn't matter if the rings are of different metals or the same, as ALL rings will in time lose some substance. 

So, to my original point, can two rings made in different metals be worn together? Our answer is YES! But... the only reason to consider buying a wedding ring in the same metal as your engagement ring would be to match the colour and weight of the two rings.